MultitaskingWell, it’s been 4 days since I last rode my bike. My legs were just kind of achie today and I wanted to make sure to do something. Since my leave is over and I cannot ride in the middle of the day anymore and it was raining and getting dark I decided to ride my trainer.

I also needed to catch up on e-mail and perhaps get some code written tonight so I decided to give multitasking a try. I had just sat down when Kim turned around and said “OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me.” and whipped out the cammera and snapped the pictures.

Do you really need gloves for this

I ‘rode’ like this for an hour. I took off my gloves after I ‘fat fingered’ the touch pad and deleted 8 e-mail messages. I always where gloves when I ride my bike, even on the trainer. It’s a habbit. It’s like putting a belt on when getting dressed for me. I was able to do some IM, configure Thunderbird for a new POP mail account and read the 100+ emails that had piled up there.

I did have to go out to the garage and get a 2×6 to prop up the sagging 1/8th inch plywood I chose. With the weight of the laptop it was resting on the stem and vibrating something fierce.

Notice the thin plywood

It worked well enough I’ll try it again. What I think I’d really like is to place the screen just over the front wheel and have a track ball or other hand held ‘mouse’ to navigate around with. If I’m sufficiently motivated maybe I’ll build something in my shop to make this work better and get rid of the legos and 36 piece Cinderella puzzle boxes.

I’m not sure if I got going well enough to do any good. An average of 103 sounds a bit low to be helping build my aerobic base. The important thing is I decided on my workout and stuck with it.


  • Type: General Cardio
  • Date: 06/06/2007
  • Time: 21:00:00
  • Total Time: 1:30:00.00
  • Average Heart rate: 103
  • Max Heart rate: 124

9 Responses to “Multitasking…”

  1. clukasik says:

    Ok - that is hilarious! So glad Kim documented it.

  2. riddenwords says:

    She had to stop laughing at me before she could take the pictures.

  3. Fitness Over Forty says:

    I’m sorry - I have to ask this question. Why are you wearing your gloves? Are you afraid you might fall and skin your hands on the carpet? :-)


  4. riddenwords says:

    Ha ha. Out of habit, it’s part of getting ready to ride. I also like the padding, the handlebars feel really small without them so I basically always wear my gloves.

  5. SeaShell says:


  6. kimayars says:

    What you missed was the sparkle in his eye when he explained how he could hook up his shifters to his Leggo Mindstorm robot and use that for some simple navigation.

  7. karlmccracken says:

    Just when I thought I’d seen it all! Can you get sweat covers for laptops?

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