“What is that noise?” is the thought that went through my head at 5:30 this morning.  “Oh, yeah, bike ride.”  I rolled out of bed and got dressed and the car packed up.  I was meeting Brad at the start in Kirkland at 7:00 and wanted to make sure I made it there in time so I left the house at 6:00.  I always forget there’s really no traffic at 6:00 in the morning so I made it to the start line in 30 minutes.

I saw a few folks I know before the start and chatted with them and realized Brad might be early as well so I sent him a text message.  He was in line at the coffee shop getting breakfast so I rode up to where he was parked.  It was nice and cool with clouds so I threw on my arm warmers but left the rain gear in the car figuring even if we got wet it was only going to be 39 miles.

Brad, of course brought his fixie which was good with me since I haven’t done much climbing this year and with gears he’d probably really kick my butt.  He didn’t learn his lesson after Chilly Hilly and still had the 14 tooth cog in the rear.  Turned out he only really had to work hard up Winery Hill and made me suffer his endless chatter up all the rest of the time.  (not really but it makes a better story).

I was feeling pretty good, no pressure to really plow up the hills but still passing folks and not getting passed going up.  With Brad on the fixie we’d get passed going down since he cannot go much over 22-23 mph.  Didn’t get passed going up until Winery where I got caught by surprise at the bottom and let up a little in the middle.

I left the house planning on just doing the 7 hills.  We left the start planning on just doing the 7 hills.  When we got to the century/metric century turn off Brad asked again and in true guy fashion I said “sure.”  I’ve not ridden further than 50 miles all year.  I’ve not ridden further than 36 miles on a ride since March.  I only rode 20 miles all last week and that was yesterday, but what the heck.  I knew I would finish and I had plenty of fuel so we headed off for the metric century loop.

I did fade in the last 10 miles and the metric century turned out to be about 5 miles short.  I wasn’t tempted to jump on any wheels but Brad was like a leashed dog at a cat show.  He got into a groove but it was hard for him to let others go by.

I did see “Dave the Carrot” out on the metric loop (he was probably doing the full century).  It’s hard to miss a 6′ 5″ guy on an orange bike.  I briefly though about jumping on his wheel but knew better than to blow myself up with 30 miles still to ride.

It was good to get out, a perfect day for a ride weather wise, good company and I really enjoyed it again this year.  I did really wipe myself out and was moving at about 30% for the rest of the day.  At one point Veronica wanted me to run a foot race with her and I had to tell her I had “jello legs”.  She did get Kim to run with her - in the outside lane that goes about 20 yards further around the course than the inside lane ;-)


  • Type: Cycle
  • Date: 05/26/2008
  • Time: 07:00:00
  • Total Time: 3:58:37.00
  • Distance: 58.43 miles
  • Average Speed: 14.69 mph
  • Max Speed: 35 mph
  • Average Cadence: 71
  • Max Cadence: 130

One Response to “7 Hills of Kirkland”

  1. Brad Hefta-Gaub says:

    I really did feel like a leashed dog at a cat show…

    But I had a lot of fun, and it was a great test of my self control to not chase those rabbits up those hills.